Agenda Item 3

Remarks to be given by British Ambassador for Development Partners


Your Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen


The full text of the development partners' statement has been circulated to all participants. In order to maximise the time for discussion, I hope that you will allow me to make just a short summary of our views to introduce this item.


The development partners support ongoing review of the effectiveness of our dialogue, at all three levels of technical working group, GDCC and CDCF. We look forward to the in-depth review that will take place next year, and welcome the CDC's recent helpful paper as a basis for beginning that review.


Our initial views on how to improve the effectiveness of the GDCC include the following points:

  • First that we can better link the three layers of our dialogue. The GDCC's work could be strengthened if more in-depth analvsis were done at TWG level, and if the proposed cluster system were used to support thinking on cross-cutting priorities. Similarly the support that the GDCC provides to the policy dialogue at the CDCF could be strengthened through a prioritised CDCF follow-up matrix to guide our work.

  • Second, that we could improve the GDCC through a short, focused and well-prepared agenda based on the CDCF conclusions and the JMls, with space for discussion of urgent or topical issues. We could make more effective use of the TWG Progress Report, and give more opportunity to development partners and other stakeholders outside the TWGs to contribute to preparations. We should consider alternative formats of presentation to stimulate debate and new thinking. And we would welcome summary conclusions that highlight decisions and follow-up action.

  • Third, looking ahead to the in-depth review in 2012, the role of the GDCC as well as the structure and membership of the TWGs will need to take account of changes in broader development dialogue, including the proposed Cambodia Development Forum, and evolution in the private sector dialogue arrangements. We would also welcome a review of our meeting cycle to ensure that both the GDCC and CDCF can best support government decision-making on the National Strategic Development Plan and the annual budget.

I would like to stress that these are only initial ideas, and that there are a range of views on many of these issues among development partners, which my colleagues will want to bring out in subsequent discussion. We welcome this opportunity to hear more on the government's thinking about the 2012 review, as well as any improvements we can implement immediately.


Excellency Chair, Ladies and Gentlemen


In conclusion, development partners agree that many of the proposals identified in the recent note developed by CDC are useful and deserving of full discussion by all members of our Committee. We emphasize this perspective of the GDCC as a committee of members under the Chairmanship of the Royal Government. The government, development partners and civil society each bring an important and valuable perspective as members but we are all joined in the common objective of ensuring that our Committee makes a useful contribution to Cambodia's development.