Administrative Reform

Progress Report

October, 2010

Since the June CDCF, the reform has continued to strengthen control mechanisms with such activities as: the ongoing census; the strengthening of personnel management processes such as recruitment, examination, promotion and pension; and, the finalization of policy frameworks on the management and development of human resources and redeployment. Tools to assist ministries review their operations for efficiency and improve service delivery processes are being readied.

Ongoing activities include:

  • The Priority Operating Costs instrument is being deployed with the support of development partners. The enabling Sub-Decree has been promulgated. A guide on the establishment and management of POC schemes has been circulated. Three proposal have been received (PFM, LASED, DFGG). The CAR Secretariat is assisting the ministries of commerce, plan, agriculture, public works, rural development and education and the CDC prepare framework documents. The framework documents for the CAR POC have been circulated to ministries as examples.

  • The census to update and complete the database on civil servants will be finished by December (composition, distribution, levels, skills…). The census will provide information on available skills thus allowing for a better use of existing capacity

  • Policy frameworks on HRM and HRD are being finalized in close cooperation with ministries and in consultation with development partners.

  • The HRM policy framework, the HRM Handbook (to be widely distributed to civil servants will outline key regulations and practices concerning HRM) and the HRM Manual (to be circulated to HR specialists and managers will specify practices and processes relating to HRM) will be the subject of a national seminar in later this year.

  • Personnel management processes relating to recruitment, examination, promotion, career progression are being strengthened (outcomes from inter-ministerial committees will be referred to the above national seminar). Procedures relating to retirement have been strengthened.

  • The Booklet on civil servants core values is being distributed widely. It defines the four values of motivation, loyalty, professionalism and a culture of service.

  • Work is underway to complete a guide on operational reviews (by the end of December) to assist ministries streamline and strengthen their operations to contain costs and improve effectiveness

  • The Compendium on Public Services is being completed (before the end of the year) and will widely disseminated; methodologies to assist ministries review the delivery of public services are being finalized; and, a concept notes on quality systems for public services and on recourse mechanisms are being completed.

  • A guide to facilitate the deployment of Special Operating Agencies has been completed and is ready for dissemination

  • A program funded by the ADB is being developed to train managers at the national and sub-national levels; training will focus on core responsibilities and skills of management

The PAR Technical Working Group Report on progress on achieving agreed JMIs since the CDCF states that all activities relating to implementing them are on target and that there are no outstanding issues warranting the attention of the GDCC.

The attached CAR work plan for 2010-11 provides an overview of work underway together with assistance being provided by development partners.