Agenda of the 17th Meeting
of the
Government-Development Partner Coordination Committee

Council for the Development of Cambodia,
October 18 2010 at 8.30AM


1.      Opening session:


-        DP Remarks delivered by Mr. Qimiao Fan, Lead Donor Facilitator.


2.    Review progress on JMIs and CDCF agreed actions:


i)          Adoption of the revised TWG Guidelines and the PBA Concept Note

DP Remarks delivered by Ms. Elena Tischenko, TWG DP Co-facilitator/Country Director, UNDP.


ii)         NSDP M & E Framework and the integration between ODA, planning and budgeting

DP Remarks delivered by Mr. Douglas Broderick, TWG DP Co-facilitator/ UNRC.


iii)        Implementation of the Anti Corruption Law (institutional arrangement, capacity and support needs)
DP Remarks delivered by Mr. Theodore Allegra, DP Lead/Chargé d' Affaires, Embassy of the United State of America.

iv)         National Social Protection Strategy

DP Remarks delivered by TWG DP Co-facilitator/DP Lead:  Mr. Jean- Pierre de Margerie, World Food Programme Country Representative.


v)         Law on the Organization of the Courts and the Statute on Judges and Prosecutors - Effective cooperation between the Government
DP Remarks delivered by
Mr. Flynn Fuller, DP Lead/Mission Director, USAID. 

2.   National Program for Administration Reform

DP Remarks delivered by Mr. Qimiao Fan, DP Lead/Country Manager for Cambodia, The World Bank


4. AOB/other issues.