Annex One

Partnership and Harmonisation Technical Working Group
2011 Annual Work Plan (Draft 2 February 2011)

Aid effectiveness objective

P&H TWG Activity (1)

Responsible parties

Output indicator


To provide a forum for establishing consensus on aid effectiveness priorities, consistent with policy framework - P&H TWG ToR para IV(a)

Produce Aid Effectiveness Report with policy recommendations(CDCF Q4 2011)

Discuss AER Concept Note and provide inputs to draft AER

AER to provide inputs to a new policy framework

All TWG members

All DPs

CN produced and agreed by TWG

AER finalised for CDCF dialogue

Q3 2011 (CN)

Q4 2011 (Draft AER)

Promote use of country systems

Concept Note produced to review progress and strategy Support national workshop (May 2011)

Prepare roadmap for next steps


sub-group of P+H TWG

sub-group of P+H TWG

Feb 2011 discussion

Workshop held

Roadmap produced

Feb 2011

May 2011

second half 2011

Promote programme-based approaches

TWG to offer inputs and comments for development of PBA training resources and to provide updates on sector progress

All TWG members

PBA resources developed

PBA clinics provided by CRDB to TWGs

Q2 2011

On demand

To provide recommendations on the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of aid effectiveness initiatives - P&H TWG ToR para IV(b)

Strengthening dialogue and coordination arrangements

Provide inputs to a discussion paper on the GDCC and links to CDCF and TWGs


All TWG members

Paper produced

Inputs incorporated for GDCC

Q1 2011

Q2 2011

Link aid effectiveness work to results-based monitoring at sector level

Reformulate JMI matrix for all TWGs (with clear results chains & linking aid effectiveness activity to core work)

All TWG Chair/Lead DP


JMI matrix revised

Q3 2011

Assess link between aid effectiveness policy, behaviour change and development results

Finalise Evaluation and conduct Monitoring Survey of PD to identify relevant lessons for Cambodia


PD Evaluation study and survey results produced

Q2 2011

Provide inputs to HLF-4 in Busan

Dialogue with all partners (RGC, DPs and CSOs to agree key messages for Busan meeting)


TWG Network

AER to include key messages for HLF-4

Q4 2011

To promote information exchange and peer learning - P&H TWG ToR para IV(c)

Promote the implementation of national aid management priorities and the relevant application of global aid principles

To provide a forum to discuss progress and share sector level experience of implementation (especially sector level results and capacity-focused work), including with NGOs

RGC P+H focal points

All P+H TWG members


Ministries and P+H TWG NGO representatives share experience for wider discussion


Each TWG meeting

Strengthen integration between central planning, budgeting and aid management processes

P+H TWG to act as discussion forum and opportunity for information sharing (together with PFM and PPR TWGs) on RGC initiatives and proposals related to integrating and strengthening core planning/budgeting processes. (2)

MOP (lead)





tbc (MoP)



To identify and seek remedies to - emerging opportunities and challenges related to national or global aid effectiveness commitments - P&H TWG ToR para IV(d)

Promotion of South-South Cooperation (SSC) and management arrangements

Members to provide details of experience and initiatives for further consideration by RGC

CRDB (lead)

RGC P+H members

Policy direction on SSC included in 2011 AER

Q4 2011

Ensure that new development partner personnel are well-briefed on national arrangements for managing development cooperation and partnerships

The induction resource for development partners is posted on CRDB website. The TWG will work in an advisory capacity to update the structure and content for newly-arrived DPs

All P+H members

On-line induction briefing up-dated on-line




1.     Some activities may be taken forward by smaller groups, as agreed by the full membership of P+H TWG.

2.     MoP is the lead agency on this initiative so PPR TWG is the principal forum.

3.     Not all tasks/responsibilities included in the P&H TWG ToR (para IV) are explicitly included in the 2011 AWP but may be addressed as the need arises.