Partnership and Harmonisation TWG

21st September 2010, at 15:00

Annotated Agenda


1. Validation and agreement on draft documents


a)    Revised TWG Guideline

b)    PBA Concept Note


As agreed at the June 1010 CDCF meeting, CRDB/CDC has revised the TWG Guideline and produced a concept note on how programme-based approaches may be applied and/or strengthened in key sectors and reforms. These notes were presented and discussed at the TWG Network retreat in Siem Reap on 7-8 September and have been revised to incorporate the recommendations of participants (and circulated in advance of this meeting).


[Note that a 6-page summary document that provides very brief highlights of the Revised TWG Guideline, PBA Concept Note, Paris Declaration Evaluation, Country Systems Mapping, and Making Partnerships Effective (phase III) reports has been shared for this meeting]


Actions required: TWG members are:

i)         Invited to comment on both papers and, subject to any further clarification required, agree that they may be finalised;

ii)         Requested to provide suggestions on how these two documents may now be used to support improved TWG performance, in particular through the use of "clinics".


2. Findings of Analytical Work and follow-up


The summary findings of these 3 exercises were briefly presented to the TWG Network retreat in Siem Reap on 7-8 September. All of the documents can be accessed in full on


a)   Paris Declaration Evaluation the National Reference Group has provided comments, which have been consolidated and returned to the consultants preparing the study. Cambodia is on-track to meet the October submission deadline.


b)   Use of Country Systems the draft study has been submitted for comment. It is proposed that a national workshop be held to discuss the findings and the next steps in strengthening country systems in line with the main RGC reforms.


c)  Making Partnerships Effective the third phase report was prepared with inputs based on consultations held with TWGs as part of the Paris Declaration Evaluation work. It is proposed that further partnering work be taken up: (i) as part of PBA clinics; and (ii) based on demand communicated by TWGs to CRDB/CDC.


Actions required: TWG members are invited to comment on how the findings of these exercises may be taken forward, especially at sector level.


3. Any other Business / Information items


a)   Climate change study as part of a UNDP regional initiative, Cambodia has agreed to participate in a study that will explore options of effective aid management in initiatives related to climate change. The work is now n-going under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment, supported by CRDB/CDC.


b)   Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey the 3rd and final round of monitoring will take place in the first quarter of 2011. A regional and national launch will be held in Siem Reap on 10-11 September 2010. Cambodia will make use of the ODA Database for most of the quantitative indicators. During the fourth quarter of 2010, development partners are requested to:


i)      ensure that all project data provides accurate information on Paris Declaration (support to Government sector, details of implementing partner, use of coordinated structures, PBAs, PIUs etc);


ii)   enter information on missions and analytical work in the on-line recording system accessed through 


Development partners who require assistance to ensure data compliance with the Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey are invited to contact their CRDB/CDC desk officers for assistance.


a)  TWG reporting to the GDCC the next GDCC meeting will be held on 19 October 2010. TWGs are requested to complete and submit the TWG Progress Report to CRDB/CDC no later than 30 September.