8th Meeting of the
Government-Donor Coordination Committee (GDCC)
on 5 October 2006
Intervention on the Restructuring of the CG to form the CDCF

by H.E. David Reader, Ambassador of United Kingdom

Your Excellency Chairman Senior Minister,

On behalf of development partners allow me the following remarks:

We would like to say how much we welcome the increased leadership and ownership shown by the RGC through its proposal for the Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum (CDCF) as the design for future high level meetings. We are pleased that the RGC has taken a further step to improve the partnership structures we are all working in, structures which, over the last few years, have already led to better coordination and dialogue between all actors. Donors appreciate the RGC’s efforts to optimise structures and procedures, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness of our partnership. This is in line with the Paris Declaration.

We would like to thank the RGC for its responsive approach throughout the preparation and design of the CDCF. We all feel confident that the CDCF will continue to serve as a forum for high level political dialogue, which will strengthen our joint commitment to mutual accountability. We hope that next year’s review of the new arrangements will support further developments in both our partnership and the CDCF. We stand ready to support the RGC in building a Forum in which all current Development Partners and emerging donors are represented.

We look forward to working closely with the RGC in the refining of the TWG and GDCC structures. We hope that during the coming months we will be able to work jointly on practical criteria and operational tools to strengthen performance of TWGs. We further hope that the TWG Partnership & Harmonisation can play a useful role in taking forward the recommendations and supporting future monitoring, and that the dialogue can continue to be frank, open and constructive.

Thank you

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