Development Partner Talking Points
Presented by Douglas Broderick, UN Resident Coordinator


NSDP Update 2009 - 2013

Talking points:

  • The development partners appreciate the inclusion of the technical working groups in the process of updating the National Strategic Development Plan.

  • We also support Government's intention to update and improve the M&E framework. As DPs we are glad to be invited to participate in this work, which has already identified where some indicators need to be revised and where gaps exist.

  • Development partners are facilitators in this process and really encourage partner line ministries to provide their inputs.

  • We would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the Council for Agriculture and Rural Development who were given the mandate to coordinate preparation of the strategy, and the ongoing collaboration between CARD, MOP and line ministries in the delivery of social safety nets. Given the support for joint development of an integrated social safety net strategy, we are would like to see this feature strongly in the NSDP update in a way that recognizes it as a cross sectoral policy issue.

  • As development partners we look forward to reading the first draft of the NSDP and inputting into its finalization through the consultative process established by Government. For many development partners this will be the first chance to see their TWG's sectoral contributions and for all of us it will be the first time to see the document as a whole.

On Harmonisation of Planning, Public Investment and ODA:

  • We welcome the establishment of an inter-ministerial structure led by MOP that brings together the four central agencies to work together on this integration. We stress the importance of linking to existing processes, in particular stage two of the Public Financial Reform Programme, and the development of budget sector plans. We stand ready to support this continued government led process.

Questions to ask:

On NSDP Update 2009 - 2013:

  1. Can Government update the development partners on where they intend to present the topic of social safety nets within the existing NSDP update structure given that it is such a cross cutting issue?

  2. When will the completed first draft of the NSDP 2009 - 2013 be circulated to TWGs and development partners for comment, and how long with DPs have to provide their comments?

On Harmonisation of Planning, Public Investment and ODA:

  1. When will the task force for managing the process of harmonising planning, public investment expenditure and ODA next meeting And can Government indicate to DP's how best that can support this process?

  2. How will the existing activities in stage two of the PFM reform programme be linked to the work of this taskforce?

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