For the Period:  December 2004- February 2005

This quarterly progress report from each Joint Technical Working Group is requested by the Secretariat of the Government-Donor Coordination Committee (GDCC) before 25 February 2005. It will be used to prepare a briefing note for the Second GDCC Meeting scheduled to be held on 7 March 2005. Please return the completed questionnaire to H.E. Chhieng Yanara at CDC in both soft and hard copy.


  1. Did the TWG prepare its Terms of Reference?           Yes        No 

  2. Did the TWG prepare an Action Plan?  Yes        No   (if No, please continue to question 9)

If Yes:  When was the Action Plan approved by the TWG?  (date / month / year08/02/05

  1. Since the 7th CG Meeting held in December 2004 how many times has the TWG met?   2 times

  2. Is the scheduling of activities in the Action Plan done by month/quarter?  Yes        No 

If No, please go to Q8, but first please identify the methodology that is planned to be employed by the TWG to monitor and report on progress made:
Food Security and Nutrition are cross-cutting issues of long-term concern. Most activities of the TWG-FSN have a long-time span and one of the major activities referred to is advocacy and success of this TWG will be also made through participation in other TWGs. Activities of the TWGFSN were planned on biannual or annual basis apart from one activity, which should be done during the beginning of the year in order to set up agreed indicators to monitor the progress of the food security situation in Cambodia. Even if the activities are planned biannually or annually, it is possible to evaluate them quarterly as seen in this report.

  1. Please list below activities in the Action Plan that were scheduled to be implemented during the last quarter (December 2004 and February 2005).

Streamline the existing key indicators that will be tracked by the TWG in determining whether the country is achieving progress in improving food security and nutrition.


  1. Which of the activities listed in question 5 are being implemented as scheduled?

Activity (please use the same number as shown in Q5)

Comments, if any

Please use an extra sheet if you need more space.


  1. Please list the activities that are behind schedule, reasons for delay, and the TWG's recommendations for solving the problems.

(please use the same number as shown in Q5)

Reasons for Delay TWG's Recommendation
Streamline the existing key indicators that will be tracked by the TWG in determining whether the country is achieving progress in improving food security and nutrition Discussion on indicators was on-going. The agenda of next meeting on 8th March will be about joint monitoring indicators. The monitoring indicators should be determined and agreed by members in the next meeting on 8th march.

If you answered "No" to Q4 then please complete Q8 below, otherwise please go to Q9.

  1. Please list below activities in the Action Plan that have been implemented during the last quarter (December 2004-February 2005).


Comments, if any
  1. Setting up the Technical Working Group on Food Security and Nutrition (TWGFSN),

  2. Preparing the Terms of Reference (TOR) and the Work Plan,

  3. Having Regular Meetings (2 times) to discuss and finalize the Terms of Reference (TOR) and Workplan,

  4. Starting preparation to make a Food Security Atlas,

  5. Maintain, update and provide input to the food security and nutrition information system (FSNIS) in CARD.

In addition to the regular meetings, small group meetings were also held for intensive discussion.

Please visit Food Security and Nutrition Web Site:

  1. TWGFSN was successfully set up.

  2. Regular meetings (2 meetings) were help.

  3. The TOR and the Work Plan were finalized.

  4. Preparation to make a Food Security Atlas was initiated

  5. FSN Information System (FSNIS) has been updated regularly.

Although the activities are planned on biannual and annual basis, some activities have been implemented on regular basis as per above statement.


  1. Is (are) there any Joint Monitoring Indicator(s) agreed at the 7th CG Meeting held in December 2004 that fall within the mandate of this TWG?  Yes        No  (please go to Q11)

If Yes, please list the indicators below:
Session III: Supporting Human Development Gender, Poverty, and HIV/AIDS

  1. These will be treated as cross cutting issues to be addressed under the broader umbrella of formulating the next 5 year National Strategic Development Plan for 2006-2010.

-     Food Security is also a cross cutting issue which closely relates to gender, poverty and
      HIV/AIDS. Therefore, TWGFSN setup and indicator regarding CG indicator III-1, which is the
      TWGFSN Workplan Task 2 to elaborate a medium long term strategies on food security and
      nutrition and to reflect this issue in the next NSDP.

Session III: Supporting Human Development Harmonization & Alignment

  1. Implement and monitor implementation progress on a six monthly basis the Harmonization Action Plan and the Partnership Principles

-     TWGFSN focuses on coordination amongst agencies as well as other TWGs in order to avoid duplication tasks and to optimize resources. The TWGFSN Workplan Task 6 and 7 is:


  1. What progress has been made toward achieving the targets of the Joint Monitoring Indicator(s) listed in Q9 above?

Joint Monitoring Indicator Progress Constraints Recommendation
Elaborate a medium term policy/strategy on FSN for Cambodia and ensure that cross-cutting issue of FSN is adequately reflected in the new NSDP (Joint Monitoring indicator III-Gender, poverty & HIVAIDS 1). TWGFSN members agreed to produce a position paper and submit it to the government through CARD so that ensuring food security will be incorporated in the new NSDP.   It is recommended the government to consider the position paper and mainstream food security as a part of cross cutting issue for human development in the new NSDP.
Facilitate the coordination amongst agencies that provide support for food security activities (Joint Monitoring indicator III Harmonization & Alignment 1). Coordination amongst donors has been facilitated through the TWGFSN as well as FSF. Particular targets or projects for advocacy have not been identified. information exchange at project implementation level should be facilitated by the government, implementing agency, and donors
Through participation in the relevant working group and sharing information on food security, advocate the pursuit if activities leading to improved food security and nutrition. (Joint Monitoring indicator III Harmonization & Alignment 1).   Effective advocacies towards other TWGs have not been made since focal persons for each TWG have not been determined. TWGFSN to participate other TWGs in pro-active manner as many of other TWGs activities closely relate to FSN. At the same time, it is recommended that other TWGs to consider FSN aspects of their activities.


  1. Please list below activities in the Action Plan that are planned for the next quarter (March 2005-May 2005).

  1. Holding regular meetings of the TWGFSN to follow up discussions with stakeholders,

  2. Streamlining indicators on FSN and plan monitoring procedure

  3. Preparing position paper in order to provide input to MoP facilitating elaboration of the new NSDP.

  4. Conducting a household food security review and update Food Security Atlas in line with FIVIMS,

  5. Monitoring situation of natural disasters, especially drought in this year, and advocating possible interventions in collaboration with relevant ministries and TWGs in order to assist improvement of peoples food security,

  6. Regularly updating and maintaining the web-based FSN Information System (FSNIS), and Identifying/seeking funding sources(s) support and sustain FSNIS,

  7. Though participation in the relevant TWGs and Food Security Forum, advocate support and coordination for projects contributing to improvement of food security and nutrition,

  8. Sharing information widely with the government, other TWGs, donors and concerned agencies.


Phnom Penh, 25th February 2005

Nouv Kanun
Secretary General of CARD, Chairman

Ou Orhat
Secretary of State, MoP, Chairman

Thomas Keusters
WFP Representative, Co-Chairman

Tsukasa Komoto
FAO Representative, Co-Chairman

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