Detailed Agenda of the 14th GDCC meeting
28 April 2009

Opening Remarks by DPM Keat Chhon

Session 1: Impacts of the global economic crisis and the government responses specifically in the garment sector, social safety net, agriculture and foreign direct investment

Impacts of the global economic crisis and Government responses (30 minutes)

Overview presentation by MEF (10 minutes)

Remarks by Mr. Fan, Lead coordinator of DPs (10 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)

Government responses for specific sectors:

Social Safety Nets:

  • Presentation by CARD (10 minutes)

  • MRD (to be confirmed)

  • Comments by WFP

  • Discussion (10 minutes)

Agriculture :

  • Presentation by MAFF (10 minutes)

  • Discussion

Garment industry:

  • Presentation by CDC and MOC (10 minutes/each)

  • Comments by ILO

  • Discussion (10 minutes)

Private sector promotion :

  • Presentation by CDC (10 minutes)

  • Comments by AFD

  • Discussion (10 minutes)

Session 2: Progress in the implementation of the Joint Monitoring Indicators agreed at the 2nd CDCF and endorsement of the JMI on Aid Effectiveness (JMI target 2).

Presentation by CRDB (10 minutes)

Comments by USA and UNDP (10 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)

Session 3: Update on the integration of planning, budgeting and aid management processes and NSDP extension to 2013.

Presentation by MOP (10 minutes)

Comments by UN and WB (10 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)

Session 4: Any other business

Summary and Closing Remarks


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