Statement of HE Ou Orhat
Secretary General, MOP
Chairman, TWG PPR
At the GDCC Meeting on 12 February 2007

Excellency, Chairman
Ladies and Gentlemen,

1.         I am pleased to inform you that the work of PPR TWG is proceeding well through the regular and very useful meetings of the Core Group established for this purpose.

2.         The major work before the MOP at present is the preparation of the annual progress report (APR) on the progress of implementation of the NSDP during 2006. This APR will be the main document to be placed before the CDCF meeting due in the middle of the year. Let me give you a brief update on the progress of this work.

  • MOP prepared a concept paper on how to approach the work of preparation of APR as early as August last year.

  • This concept paper was considered and approved by a high level meeting of SNEC, MOP, MEF and CRDB on 31 August 2006.

  • This concept paper was also shared with the TWG-PPR in October 2006.

  • In mid November 2006, MOP wrote to all the RGC ministries and agencies to provide necessary inputs to prepare the APR along with detailed guidelines for this purpose.

  • MOP received such inputs by the end of December 2006

  • Led and guided by HE Tuon Thavrak, Director-General, the staff of NSDP Secretariat at MOP have now completed preparation of the first draft along the lines envisaged in the concept paper.

  • The first draft will be sent in the course of this week to all RGC ministries and agencies and external development partners for their consideration, comments, corrections and/or additional inputs, if any. We would request all to give this work highest priority so that we could get your inputs back to us by 28 February 2007.

  • Based on such further inputs we will get a final draft ready for submission to the Council of Ministers by 31 March for consideration and approval.

3.         The work on the APR is therefore proceeding well and according to schedule. I take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues in the various ministries and agencies for their ready cooperation extended to MOP through their timely inputs.

            Thank you.

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