Terms of Reference


1.  Since capacities of the RGC in every stream of policy making, law & regulations, government system, budget, organization, human resources, extension mechanism of knowledge, have not reached to sufficient level, the perception of the necessity of comprehensive cooperation to respective sectors and issues, under the collaboration with the RGC and donors/external partners, has been a consensus. Particularly, it is essential that the RGC formulates its own appropriate development policy and put it into effect getting harmonized support from donors/external partners.

2.  The 6th CG Meeting overwhelmingly endorsed RGC’s proposal on the formation of the “Government-Donor Partnership Working Group”. The Working Group is chaired by the Government with two Co-Vice Chairs, one representing the bi-lateral donors and the other multi-lateral donors. Since the 6th CG Meeting, H.E. the Prime Minister has designated the Secretary General of the CDC/CRDB, who is also the Secretary General of the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee, to be the Government’s representative and Chairman of the Working Group. Japan and UNDP have been designated as the Co-Vice Chairs. Mr. Katsuhiro Shinohara (Minister, the Embassy of Japan) has been nominated by Japan as their representative. Ms. Dominique McAdams (Resident Representative, UNDP) is to represent UNDP. In addition, the membership of the Working Group includes representatives of the United Kingdom, Australia, and the ADB.

3.  The Government-Donor Working Group has identified the need for developing a harmonized approach for program formulation, review, and implementation management strategies as one of the three areas of its immediate focus.

4.  In Cambodia, forms of harmonization among international partners can be classified into three main types. The first type, namely “Sector-wide Program Type”, can be seen in the health sector, education sector, “Seila Program” and etc., covering the whole aspects, both of horizontal aspects, such as policy, law and regulation, government system, budget, organization and human resources, and vertical aspects, such as sub-sector policy, program and projects/activities. However, even in the same type, the approach and substance of harmonization is quite different by sector or program. The second type is “Sub-sector Project Type” to support all vertical aspects in a specific sub-sector under the national sector policy and strategy. Several practices have been implemented, such as tuberculosis control and others. The third one is “Well-considered Project Type” even a partial activity, coinciding with national policy, taking a broad view of aspects in certain sector/sub-sector and better collaborating with other donors/external partners. Many practices and lessons learned exist through experiences over the last decades of cooperation between the RGC and donors/external partners.


5.    The main objectives of this assignment are:

to identify and examine existing practices of donors/external partners in Cambodia and lessons learned from experiences over the last decade, from the following points; (a)improvement of government ownership and capacity; (b) aid effectiveness; (c) enhancement of partnership; and


to outline feasible options and recommendations that can improve upon the current situation and adapt to other area.

6.  The donors/external partners will include all bilateral and multi-lateral donors.


7.  The team of consultants will work under the direction of the Chairman of the Government-Donor Working Group. They will also work in close consultations with a Sub-Committee of the Working Group and the Japanese support for aid coordination.

8.  The consultants will present their findings and recommendations at two wrap up sessions: one with the Government officials and the other with the external development partners.


8.  The consultants will be based in Phnom Penh.


9.  The total duration of the assignment is expected to be 3-4 months.

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