Partnership and Harmonisation Technical Working Group
Action Plan
(updated September 2006)

# P&H TWG’s TOR Actions Needed Responsible RGC Institutions Lead Development Partners

(current status)


Timing for Action

Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the RGC’s Action Plan on Harmonisation, Alignment and Results (H-A-R)

(# 1in P&H TWG TORs)

Prepare annual report on progress made in implementing the RGC's H-A-R Action Plan for presentation to Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum (CDCF)

(# 6 in P&H TWG TORs)

Establish a mechanism to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the RGC’s H-A-R Action Plan for 2006-2010


Lead Facilitator(s) P&H TWG

Milestone: mechanism to be established


Status: Small group to be convened to develop mechanism based on existing TWG-GDCC structure

2 RGC and development partners jointly assess progress, on an annual basis, in implementing RGC's H-A-R Action Plan (E.a.1) CRDB/CDC, line Ministries, agencies All development partners
3 Development partners provide an annual update to CRDB/CDC on progress made to implement their country action plans that have been prepared as part of the follow up to the Paris Declaration (C.1.c.1) CRDB/CDC All development partners

Annual report presented to CDCF

Data to be recorded in ODA Database and integrated with Paris Declaration / H-A-R monitoring

First Annual Report by March 07 and annually thereafter

Identify, promote and facilitate the implementation of global best practices

(# 2 in P&H TWG TORs)

Disseminate information on global harmonization and alignment issues, including information on best practices
(# 5 in P&H TWG TORs)


Development partners review their country assistance strategies and policies to align their assistance with NSDP priorities and sector development plans (B.1.a.1) CRDB/CDC and Chair of TWGs All development partners Review of development partners' country assistance strategies completed. June 2006
5 Each development partner provides to CRDB/CDC reliable indicative commitments of aid over a multi-year framework (B.2.c.1)



All development partners Data on indicative commitments provided. On-going
6 Development partners provide transparent and comprehensive information to CRDB/CDC on ODA flows (including contributions to NGOs) in a timely fashion, to enable integration into budget cycle (E.b.1)



All development partners


Information on ODA flows provided within the timeframe requested by CRDB/CDC.


7 CRDB/CDC with support from development partners carries out a survey on number of existing PIU/PMUs, and develop a strategy to integrate parallel PIU/PMUs in the government' structure (B.2.d.1)



Lead Facilitator(s) of P&H TWG

Milestone: Survey completed

Status: OECD-DAC Survey work to be followed-up to inform local initiatives


Sept 2006
8 CRDB/CDC and development partners secure an agreement that no new parallel PIU/PMUs will be established under new programs and projects (B.2.d.3) CRDB/CDC Lead Facilitator(s) of TWGs

Milestone: Agreement established

Status: Declaration to include reference. Monitoring through ODA Database

June 2006
9 CRDB/CDC with support from development partners carries out a survey to collect information on the proportion of aid delivered through “untied-aid” modality and based on survey findings, formulate  and implement a strategy, jointly with development partners, to increase the proportion of untied ODA (B.4.a.1)



Lead Facilitator(s) of P&H TWG


Milestone: Survey completed and a strategy outlined

Status: Proposed that reference be made to annual OECD-DAC survey with ODA database used to record and analyse tied ODA


Dec 2006
10 CRDB/CDC and development partners jointly set targets on the portion of ODA that is to be delivered through Sector/thematic Programs, and other Program Based Approaches (PBAs) to be reached by 2010 in the framework of NSDP, and develop and implement a strategy to reach the agreed targets (C.1.a.1)

Chair of P&H TWG


Lead Facilitator(s) of P&H TWG

1. Agreement on targets reached and strategy developed.

2. Strategy implemented.


Dec 2006
11 Each TWG prepares a calendar of field missions, diagnostic reviews and studies planned by donors participating in the sector/thematic area of the TWG (C.1.b.1) Chair of TWGs Lead Facilitator(s) of TWGs Periodic reports provided by TWGs to GDCC On-going
12 Development partners ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for loan assistance and National Operational Guidelines (NOG) for grant assistance are followed in monitoring and reporting on their programs/projects to reduce burden on RGC implementing institutions (D.a.2)

Chair of TWGs


All development partners Chair of TWGs provide periodic reports to GDCC on development partners compliance with SOPs and NOGs. On-going

Examine and make recommendations on common and/or cross-cutting partnership issues

(# 4 in P&H TWG TORs)


CRDB/CDC and development partners jointly carry out a review of the effectiveness of the TWG mechanism CRDB/CDC All development partners

Milestone: Review completed and follow-up actions identified

Status: Draft Report shared for comments

June 2006
14 CRDB/CDC provides technical support to sector ministries and agencies on aid coordination and aid management issues based on needs identified and support requested by the Chair of the TWGs (A.c.1)

CRDB/CDC and Chairs of TWGs


Lead Facilitators of TWGs   CRDB/CDC with resources of the Multi-Donor Support Program delivers the support requested by Chairs of the TWGs. On-going

Continue to provide support to the Sub-Groups of the PWG working on capacity building issues and the preparation of the National Operational Guidelines

(# 3 in P&H TWG TORs)

Completed (NOGs issued)




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