14 SEPTEMBER 2006, 8:30AM AT CDC

1.   Mr. Chhieng Yanara, Chairman of the P&H TWG opened the meeting by welcoming participants to the 8th meeting of the P&H TWG. In his opening remarks, the Chair acknowledged recent receipts to the MDSP. He also emphasized the need for the P&H TWG to set a positive example to other TWGs by ensuring that the dialogue was managed efficiently and focused on results.

2.  The proposed agenda items were:

  • Progress review of the P&H TWG;

  • An update on the OECD-DAC Paris Declaration monitoring survey;

  • ODA Database and the Development Cooperation Report questionnaire;

  • CRDB/CDC Capacity Development Strategy; and

  • An update on the Review of TWG, GDCC and CG mechanisms.

3.    Progress review of the P&H TWG: The P&H TWG Progress Report for submission to the GDCC was presented, discussed and agreed by the meeting. This was informed by the progress against the P&H TWG Action Plan. It was agreed that:

  • The issue of parallel PIUs will be considered in the next months. In the process of the OECD/DAC monitoring survey on the implementation of the Paris Declaration, there were differences among donors on this issue. It was suggested that as an urgent step no new parallel PIU should be established for new projects. Then both RGC and development partners will work more closely to reach common understanding on this matter.

  • A small group (of volunteer members) will be convened to look into a mechanism to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the H-A-R Action Plan, progress report of the H-A-R Action Plan for the CDCF, and the issues of parallel PIUs in Cambodia. Co Lead Donor Facilitators of the P&H TWG will facilitate the participation of DP members.

  • A survey on untied aid will not be conducted, the portion of untied aid for Cambodia being provided by the OECD/DAC desk review as part of the 2006 OECD/DAC survey on monitoring the implementation of the Paris Declaration. The DCR questionnaire will also seek information on tied aid through project record.

4.    OECD/DAC Paris Declaration monitoring survey: A presentation of the main results of the OECD/DAC monitoring survey for Cambodia was made. The Country Worksheet and Country Profile, as parts of the survey, are being finalized and will be submitted to the OECD/DAC Secretariat by 15 September at the latest. The results from the survey will provide a baseline on a number of issues, based on which reviewing of the H-A-R Action Plan will be considered.

5.     ODA Database and DCR questionnaire:

  • Information in the ODA Database will be collected in manner that will enable it to be used for preparing the PIP, the national budget and the MTEF.

  • A User Manual will be developed and training will be provided of the ODA Database usage.

  • The DCR questionnaire will be tested and validated with the World Bank, UNDP, DFID and Japan during October.

  • Preparation of the DCR and updating of present records will in the future be timed to inform the PIP preparation, which will require development partners to confirm data by the end of June each year.

6.     CRDB/CDC Capacity Development Strategy: CRDB is preparing a Capacity Development Strategy for aid management. The CRDB Functional Review conducted during August, and outputs from a CRDB workshop held in August, have provided substantial inputs into the preparation of the strategy.

7.   Update on Review of TWG, GDCC and CG mechanism:

  • The draft GDCC-TWG Review is being revised incorporating comments received from development partners through UNDP. It has been suggested that sufficient time be given to the Review to ensure a thorough consultation process. The ad hoc working group established for the CDCF will consider the TWG-GDCC Review paper. It is hoped that the ad hoc working group will be able to meet before the GDCC meeting to be held on 5th October. However this is to be confirmed.

  • The draft RGC's proposal on CDCF was discussed by the ad hoc working group that was formed following a consultation meeting between RGC and development partners on 23 August 2006. It is expected the final draft document will be available for comments by DPs until 20 September, after which time it will be submitted for approval by RGC and formally announced during the GDCC meeting on 5 October 2006.

8.   The meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.

List of Participants

H.E. Mr. Chhieng Yanara
Ms. Helen Appleton
Ms. Anne Isabelle Blateau
H.E. Mr. Tuon Thavrak
H.E. Mr. Koum Saron
Mr. Char Meng Chuor
Ms. Nhean Sochetra
Mr. Tou Sothou
Mr. Sar Sopheap
Mr. Lim Sothea
Mr. Philip Courtnadge
Mr. Chou Heng

Mr. Michael Rymek
Mr. Guillaume Prevost
Mr. Allian
Mr. Daniel Haas
Ms. Emi Morikawa
Mr. Hikoyuki Ukaz
Mr. Eiichiro Hayashi

Ms. Lynn De Silva

Mr. Douglas Gardner

Ms. Sara Ferrer Olivella

Ms. Ann Lund
Ms. Nisha Agrawal
Ms. Mia Hyun
Mr. Paul Im
Ms. Carol Strickler

Secretary General of CDC/CRDB, Chairman
Social Development Adviser, DFID, Co Lead Facilitator
Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP, Co Lead Facilitator
Director General, MOP
Director General, MAFF
Deputy Director General, MOH
Director, MOWA
Deputy Director, MLMUPC
Deputy Director, MOEYS
Officer, MOEYS
Senior Adviser, CRDB/CDC
National Policy Adviser, CRDB/CDC

Head of AID, CIDA
Economic Counsellor, Embassy of France
Attaché, Embassy of France
First Secretary, German Embassy
Adviser, Embassy of Japan
Deputy Resident Representative, JICA
Aid Coordination Adviser, JICA

NZAID Manager

UN Resident Coordinator

Adviser, UNDP

Coordinator, UN
Country Manager, World Bank
Poverty Specialist, World Bank
National Program Officer, ADB
Executive Director, CCC

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