For the Period:  December 2005 - May 2006

This questionnaire on progress made by each Joint Technical Working Group is requested by the Secretariat of the Government-Donor Coordination Committee (GDCC). It should be completed and submitted to the Secretariat of the GDCC before 29 May 2006. It will be used to prepare a summary progress report for the seventh GDCC Meeting scheduled to be held on 14 June 2006. Please return the completed questionnaire to H.E. Mr. Chhieng Yanara at CDC/CRDB in both soft and hard copies.



  1. Please list below activities in the Action Plans that were scheduled to be implemented during the last six months (December 2005 to May 2006) and provide an update on implementation status of these activities.

Scheduled Activities

Implementation Status

On Schedule

Behind Schedule

If behind schedule, reasons for delay

TWG Recommendations for GDCC Consideration, if any

Development partners review their country assistance strategies and policies to align their assistance with NSDP priorities and sector development plans (B.1.a.1)



The country assistance strategies of development partners who have held consultations with CDC/CRDB are generally in line with the NSDP priorities.

However, the status of assistance for those development partners who do not engage in consultations with CDC/CRDB is unknown.

Article 13 of the Sub-Decree #147 ANK.BK dated 29 December 2005 has mandated CRDB/CDC:

i.     to serve as the “ Focal Point “ and the “One-Stop Service” of the Royal Government for donor countries, international organizations and NGOs, as well as the “Focal Point” and “One-Stop Service” for ministries and other government institutions in the coordination of external aid allocation and utilization;

ii.    to sign pursuant to the delegation of authority of the Prime Minister and on behalf of the Royal Government, any legal agreements with bilateral and/or multilateral development partners and international organizations pertaining to acceptance and allocation of external development assistance;

In para #11 of the RGC's Strategic Framework for Development Cooperation Management it has been noted that the current practice of some development partners to enter into agreements with individual government ministries and agencies without any prior coordination through the Royal Government’s designated focal point for aid coordination, the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board at the Council for the Development of Cambodia, is a serious problem that hampers Royal Government’s efforts to efficiently manage its aid coordination functions. The Royal Government has placed a high priority on all parties conforming to and complying with the provisions of existing laws, rules and regulations.


CDC/CRDB and development partners secure an agreement that no new parallel PIU/PMUs will be established under new programs and projects (B.2.d.3)





Substantive discussions on this topic have not yet taken place. However, as part of work on completing the OECD/DAC questionnaire on monitoring progress on Paris Declaration's Indicators, a small group of donor representatives has been tasked by CDC/CRDB to prepare an explanatory note, including the issue of PIU/PMUs for review and approval by CDC/CRDB to facilitate the completion of the survey questionnaire.


RGC and development partners jointly carry out a review of the effectiveness of the TWG mechanism (E.a.2)


An international consultant commissioned by CDC is currently working on this activity in close consultations with representatives of RGC ministries and development partners. This work is being carried out under the umbrella of the Secretariat of the GDCC. The first draft report for CDC/CRDB's review is expected to be completed by end of June 2006.




  1. Are there any other issues affecting the implementation of TWG Action Plan that it would like to submit for GDCC's consideration.



  1. If there are any Joint Monitoring Indicator(s) agreed at the 8th CG Meeting held in March 2006 that fall within the mandate of this TWG, please list the JMIs below and indicate progress that has been made toward achieving the JMI targets.

Joint Monitoring Indicator

What is the current implementation status? What are the constraints that you are experiencing, if any? What recommendations do you have, for GDCC consideration to resolve the identified constraints?

i. Implement the RGC’s Strategic Framework for Development Cooperation Management (SFDCM).

The SFDCM including the National Program to implement the SFDCM was approved by RGC on 27 January 2006.  The National Program is being implemented through a Multi Donor Support Program for Aid Coordination. Several donors have made pledges but no contribution except UNDP has been made so far.

ii. Prepare progress report on a six month basis the implementation of RGC's Action Plan on Harmonization, Alignment and Results.

Action Plan on Harmonization, Alignment and Managing for Results (H-A-R) based on the Paris Declaration was approved by RGC on 14 February 2006 after extensive consultation with donors and line ministries. Mechanism to follow up the implementation of the H-A-R Action Plan will be discussed at the P&H TWG meeting on 31 May 2006.

iii. review and strengthen aid coordination mechanisms including CG, GDCC and TWGs.

A review of the GDCC-TWG mechanism is being carried out by CDC/CRDB through an independent consultant. Once finished, the Review will document experiences and lessons learned so far in the operation of TWGs, GDCC and CG and outline the way forward.

  1. What actions have you taken to implement the updated Harmonization, Alignment, and Results Action Plan? What are the constraints that you are experiencing, if any?
    What   recommendations do you have, for GDCC consideration to resolve the identified constraints?

Action Taken


Establish mechanism to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the RGC's Action Plan on Harmonization, alignment and Results.   An important agenda item of the P&H TWG meeting to be held on 31 May 2006 is to discuss and agree on a mechanism to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the RGC's Action Plan on Harmonization, alignment and Results 2006-2010.   


  1. Has the TWG been able to mobilize the resources to implement its Action Plan for 2006?

                                R yes                no

                   If no, please answer the following questions:

  • What is the total amount of resources the TWG had estimated to implement its Action Plan for 2006? (in USD) ..........................................................

  • What is the minimum additional amount that the TWG needs to implement its Action Plan? (in USD).........................................................

  • Which development partners do you think would be able to provide the required resources?...................................................




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