Minute of the Tenth Meeting
Partnership and Harmonization TWG
23 April 2007
Held at the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC)

1.      H.E Chhieng Yanara, Chairman of the TWG and Secretary-General of CRDB/CDC, welcomed all participants to the meeting. In his Opening Remarks, he reminded the meeting of the previous P&H meeting agenda, focusing on the revision of the P&H TWG ToR and its workplan, H-A-R progress report, and the Aid Effectiveness Report (AER) concept note. The revision of the ToR was complete and the workplan had been finalised.

2.      There were four agenda items for discussion:

  1. CDCF Agenda

  2. Multi-year Indicative Financing Framework

  3. JMIs Progress Report and formulation of new JMIs

  4. Comments on Aid Effectiveness Report (AER)

3.      CDCF Agenda: The meeting endorsed the proposed CDCF agenda, the main theme of which was to discuss the progress in implementing and financing the NSDP.  

4.      Multi-year Indicative Financing Framework (MYIFF): His Excellency Chairman requested development partners to complete the MYIFF ─ which replaces the “Pledge” in the CG meetings ─ for the next three years. He addressed the importance of the MYIFF regarding the Government’s efforts to better improve the planning and budget preparation through the link of the CDC Database to the PIP and MTEF. During the discussion, Mr. Douglas Gardner, UN Resident Coordinator raised some concern over the difference in budget cycles of the UN system, leading to difficulty in providing the MYIFF. Mr. Hilcoyuki Ukaz, Deputy Resident Representative of JICA also voiced the Japan’s difficulty in providing the MYIFF due to its annual budget system. In response, His Excellency Chairman pointed out that the MYIFF is embedded in the Paris Declaration, and he learned that it has been practiced successfully in other countries. He also confirmed that EU funding commitments could be presented in a consolidated manner to the CDCF meeting.

5.      JMIs Progress Report and formulation of new JMIs: His Excellency noted the views of some development partners who observed that the JMI progress report overstated progress. He noted that the report was based on the TWG reports, which were jointly reported by development partners and the Chairs of the TWGs, and it also referred to the report of some committees for some cross-cutting issues. Nonetheless, he stressed that the Government realises the progress of some JMIs are not met, and looks forward to improving it based on TWG comments. During the discussion, Ms. Anne Isabelle Blateau, UNDP Programme Director and P&H TWG Co-Lead Facilitator, raised some concern regarding the malfunctioning of some TWGs. In response, His Excellency referred to a TWG Chairs meeting on 03 April 2007, in which His Excellency Senior Minister Keat Chhon asked TWG Chairs to regularly convene and attend the meeting. His Excellency also agreed with the new JMI on “Water & Sanitation” proposed by Helen Appleton, DFID Adviser, and noted that the new JMIs need to be discussed only at the 22nd May GDCC meeting, not at the CDCF, where they will be endorsed. Also, Ms. Mia Hyun, World Bank Poverty Specialist made a proposal for the development of some basic principles to measure the JMI progress. His Excellency agreed with the World Bank’s proposal, but stressed the time constraint in preparing these principles for this year.

6.      Comments on Aid Effectiveness Report (AER): His Excellency welcomed comments from development partners and noted that all comments will be suitably taken into account. In particular, His Excellency agreed to include a reference in the AER report regarding the exchange rate movements and to add an analysis of NGO support as well as an executive summary. The World Bank offered to solicit further comments and requests for clarification from development partners and the Chair agreed that CDC would meet development partners to receive comments and clarification.

7.      To conclude the meeting, the Chairman expressed thanks to all participants for their participation. The Meeting ended at 17H30.


List of Participants


1  HE Mr. Chhieng Yanara
2  HE Mr. Koum Saron
3  Dr. Char Meng Chuor
4  Sam Sereyrath
5  Mrs. Nhean Sochetra
6  Seng Thany
7  Ms. Chhoy Kum Sour
8  Prak Thav Amida
9  Heng Sokun
10 Im Sour
11 Phon Samphors
12 Prak Thaveak Amida
13 Nuth Monyrath
14 Chhin Sam Oeun
15 Philip Courtnadge
16 Chou Heng Senior

Development Partners

17 Anne Isabelle Blateau
18 Douglas Gardner
19 Daniel Haas
20 Nhean Tola
21 Hilcoyuki Ukaz
22 Wire Koimarceer
23 Emi Morikawa
24 Mia Hyun
25 Eva Snedberg
26 Daniel Costa Lobet
27 Helen Appleton
28 Marjolaine Nicod
29 Ms. Sara Ferrer Olivella
30 Dylan Gerard
31 Ms. Ann Lund
32 Eiichiro Hayashi
33 Carol Strickler

Secretary General of CDC/ CRDB, Chairman
Director General, MAFF
Deputy Director General, MoH
Director, MOEYS
Director, MoWA
Deputy Director, MLMUC
Director, MoWA
Deputy Director General, MAFF
Department Director, CDC/CRDB
Deputy Department Director, CDC/CRDB
Deputy Department Director, CDC/CRDB
Deputy Director General, MAFF
Policy Officer (MDSP), CDC/CRDB
Program Operation Officer (MDSP), CDC/CRDB
Senior Adviser, UNDP/CRDB
Senior Policy Specialist, CDC/CRDB


Programme Director, UNDP, Co Lead Facilitator
Resident Country, UN
First Secretary, German Embassy
20 Nhean Tola Programme Officer, JICA
Chargé de Projet, AFD
Advisor, Embassy of Japan
Poverty Team, World Bank
Coordinator, Sida
First Secretary, EC Delegation
Adviser, DFID
Adviser, DFID
Programme Director, UNDP
Programme Manager, UNDP
Coordination Specialist, UN
Aid Coordination Adviser, JICA
Executive Director, CCC

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