Minute of the 13th Meeting
Partnership and Harmonization TWG
28 October 2008, 3:00 pm at CDC

1.          H.E. Chhieng Yanara, chairman of the Partnership & Harmonization TWG and Secretary General of CRDB/CDC, welcomed all participants to the meeting. In his opening remarks, he raised the awareness of the way to the second CDCF, which will be held at the beginning of December. The chairman also mentioned some key documents needed to be shown at the CDC such as Rectangular Strategy Phase II, National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) Mid-term Review, and Aid Effective ness Report 2008. Among all of these, CRDB/CDC, which functions as Partnership & Harmonization TWG, is responsible for producing Aid Effectiveness 2008. The draft report has been made and will be finalized by mid November 2008.

2.          Therefore, the main objective of this meeting today was to discuss the draft of Aid Effectiveness Report 2008, which could provide beneficial input to the coming CDCF.

Aid Effectiveness Report 2008

3.          H.E. Chair informed the meeting that the general overview of the Aid Effectiveness Report 2008 based mainly on the reports from TWGs to the GDCC, development partner-self assessments on Aid Effectiveness, and independent review on Cambodia evaluation of Aid Effectiveness. Moreover, he stated that CRDB/CDC had progressed in validating data; however, CRDB still needed to work hard to deal with data both for collecting and validating. Thus, we need support from development partners and NGOs to provide us with more accurate and effective data.

4.          After a very comprehensive discussion, the following points were noted:

  • There needs to be “Clarified Division of Labor” of the progress of JMIs. H.E. Chair responded that we needed to look at it carefully at the country level and apply to Cambodia context.

  • The representatives from JICA and Civil Society mentioned similar comments related to Table 10 in Aid Effectiveness Report 2008. They recommended that the table show figures of grant, loan and technical cooperation so as to provide the audience with a clear view of the term of assistance to Cambodia.

  • In respond to Civil Society, Mr. Chairman stated that we didn’t have the data of disbursements by NGOs for the year 2008. Therefore, he suggested NGOs to work cooperatively with CRDB/CDC in providing the data needed.

  • The representative from ADB proclaimed that there should be strong cooperation between the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), Ministry of Economics and Finance and Ministry of Planning in making a more consistent and accurate budget planning_ Public Investment Plan (PIP). In addition, the government should strengthen collaboration between line ministries in working together for the purpose of development results. ADB will provide support to these processes.

  • Furthermore, to answer to Gender TWG, H.E. Chair indicated that we would try to balance cross-cutting issues and figure out how to streamline “Gender” into Aid Effectiveness Report.

5.          In his closing remarks, H.E Chair thanked the P&H TWG members and the participants who contributed fruitful inputs to the meeting. He further encouraged the participants to review the draft of Aid Effectiveness Report 2008 and send back comments within 10 days after the meeting.

6.          The meeting was adjourned around 4:30pm in a very cooperative and productive environment.

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