TWG: Land

TWG Action Plan

103. The TWG planned to implement two activities and reported progress on all activities:

  1. Establish task forces on two specific subjects: (a) development of the land sector program, and (b) systematic land titling in the development project areas. The two task forces have been approved by MLMUPC. Members have been assigned. Task force on PBA is working.

  2. Establish the TWG-land Secretariat (including staffing). With the support from Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, TWG-Land reviewed the ToRs for the National Facilitator positions and thereafter Ministry of LMUPC considered and approved the ToRs. Recruitment process is on going. However, the TWG-Land Secretariat is functioning with part-time staff assigned by MLMUPC and LMAP (since October 2005).

Joint Monitoring Indicators

104.  Complete preparation of regulations to enforce State Land Management Sub-Decree. Prakas Nr. 42 DNS.BK on State Land Identification, Mapping and Classification was issued on 10 March 2006. Criteria for State Land Classification as an annex to Prakas Nr. 42 has been drafted, and is still under discussion with focal person from CLP members. Joint Prakas on State Land Use Planning with MoI and MLMUPC have been planned to start drafting. Criteria for State Land Classification is a cross cutting issue involving different ministries. Feedback from 7 ministries relating to the draft was requested for September 1st. Answers from several ministries are still missing (MOWRAM, PWT, MEF, MRD, MoI).

105. Elaborate and Implement Article 18 of the Land Law. Draft Circular on measures against Illegal State Land Holding. This draft has been sent to CoM in early September. First meeting has been held.

106. Adopt RGC’s strategy and regulations for the indigenous people. Draft Policy on Registration of Land of Indigenous Communities has been revised and is under further discussion. Stakeholders and DP will be included in consultation process when draft is ready (end of 2006).

107. To improve the livelihoods of the rural poor, 500 eligible households are settled on social land concessions with livelihood support and at least 10,000 hectares of suitable land confirmed as available for social land concessions. Preparatory work is done in two pilot projects, one in Kratie District, Kratie Province and one in Memot District, Kampong Cham Province. A total of around 4,500 ha is surveyed and natural resource assessment has been done. Training on Land Identification and Selection of Target Land Recipients has been done. MLMUPC requested MAFF on 8 August 2006 to provide land form cancelled economic land concessions as a third model for piloting on SLC. So far there is no answer.

108. Develop and implement a Land Management Policy and associated legal framework to improve sustainable utilization of land resources. TA support is planned for November 2006.

109. Strengthen and expand the scope of land registration by: issuing 300,000 land title certificates in 2006. From January to July of 2006 194,569 land titles were distributed. This means very good progress.

110. Increasing the percentage of cases successfully resolved by the cadastral commission: 450 cases successfully resolved out of 800 cased handled in 2006. As from January to July 2006 at total of 562 cases were received (219 resolved, 211 dismissed and 20 withdrawn).

111. Revision of cadastral service fee structure, especially for sporadic and subsequent registration, public dissemination of the new fee structure and stamp duty for subsequent registration. Discussions are on the way. Different models have been elaborated. Experiences in Laos and Mongolia have been checked on practicability for Cambodia. Time limit June 2006 cannot be reached. It is not clear if or when World Bank will lift the suspension.

112. State land mapping conducted in five districts and results placed in a publicly accessible state land data-base. Preparation is on-going. Regulations for sub decree on State Land Management has not finalized yet.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

113. PBA Land–Land Sector Programme. Based on the LAMDP, the MLMUPC is currently working on the formulation of the land sector program and mid term expenditure framework. This will be done in the framework of TWG Land. A task force has been set up since December 2005. TWG Land Taskforce on PBA/land sector programme is supported by Global Donor Platform on Rural Development to further harmonise activities in the land sector. GDPRD support for the Land Sector Program in Cambodia is planned for up to 2 to 3 years by providing international and national facilitators.

Resource mobilization

114. The TWG reported that it has been able to mobilize resources for the implementation of the Action Plan.

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