TWG: Mine Action

TWG Action Plan

117.  There were 5 activities scheduled to be implemented and the TWG reported satisfactory progress on all activities:

  1. Finalize CMAA reform.

  2. Follow up PMAC/MAPU progress.

  3. Finalize policy for salary supplementation practices.

  4. Complete an advance draft of a national strategy on explosive remnants of war.

  5. On going monitoring of mine action operator's progress towards strategic objective and CMDG 9.

Joint Monitoring Indicator

118.  The TWG reported that there is no JMI for this TWG.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

119.  Mine Action sector strategy and funding framework developed in 2005. Initial study for a specific national strategy on unexploded ordnance has been completed as scheduled and presented to the TWG in April 2006. The strategy will be developed in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2006 as scheduled.

120.  New multi donor program signed on 21 December 2005. "Clearing for Results" is a pooled funding arrangement in support of national mine action priorities, including capacity development for the CMAA (project implementation is entirely based on Government staff with some technical assistance).

Resource mobilization

121.  The TWG reported it has been able to mobilize resources for activity implementation.

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