TWG: Public Administration Reform

TWG Action Plan

142.  The TWG reported that 7 activities were planned to be implemented, and satisfactory progress has been reported on 5 activities:

  1. Dissemination of strategy on phasing out of salary supplementation.

  2. Complete information gathering on salary supplementationóbehind schedule. A few donors did not respond fully. With support from Danida funding, staff are being deployed to develop the data base. More support is needed from individual TWGs for implementation of the Strategy on Phasing Out of Salary Supplementation.

  3. Remuneration and Employment Studiesóbehind schedule. The studies will commence in early October.

  4. HRM Policy Outline. A draft concept paper has been prepared and will be consulted on with Ministries and the TWG.

  5. HRM Training. Training for HRM practitioners in 17 Ministries will commence in mid October, as part of EC/ISP funding.

  6. One Window Office Legal Status. A draft Anukret has been prepared and extensively consulted on within Government. It now awaits COM approval.

  7. HRD Policy Outline. A draft concept paper has been prepared and will be consulted on with
    Ministries and the TWG.

Joint Monitoring Indicators

143. Implement the approved "Joint Government-Donor Strategy for Phasing Out Salary Supplementation Practices in Cambodia" by: (a) implementing approved sectoral action plans; and (b) establishing Priority Mission Groups (PMGs), and PMG/Merit Based Pay Initiatives (PMG/MBPIs)in MEF, MOH, and at least one other ministry/agency. Recruitment of staff to set up a salary supplementation data base is underway. An MBPI proposal for the health sector involving about 160 Central Office staff has been developed and is being discussed between MOH, the health partners and CAR. Following an independent evaluation, lessons in the MEF with the MBPI have been drawn out and acted on. PMGs covering another 170 civil servants have been approved, with consultations ongoing on other possible PMGs, including in the health sector. There have also been recent discussions on how to improve the operations of the PMG based on experience to date. There has been little progress in implementing action planning under the Strategy for Phasing Out of Salary Supplementation. Greater and more timely support is needed from TWGs.

144. Improve pay and employment conditions in the civil service by developing and implementing: (a) a medium term strategy and action plan to enhance remuneration; and (b) a redeployment policy and action plan. Non-objection from the WB to the recruitment of technical assistance to undertake the consultancy was received in the week commencing 11 September. The policy work is a priority for completion in 2006.

145.  Design and implement an HRM policy and action plan to improve merit and performance management by introducing an HRM Guide and further developing the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) for the Civil Service. The draft HRM Policy Concept paper has been developed, as well as a draft HRM Manual. AusAID has provided funding for conducting further consultations within Government on the new policies and recruitment of the necessary staff is now underway. Extension of TA to support the HRMIS has just been approved by EC as part of its ISP project.

146.  Enhance service delivery though developing a One Window Offices (OWOs) policy, legal framework and implementation plan, including establishment of at least 5 OWOs across Cambodia. A draft Anukret on OWOs has been prepared. Consultation within Government on the draft Anukret is ongoing. Arrangements for establishing a number of OWOs in Phnom Penh and Takeo are being readied for implementation, with French support.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

147.  Within the framework of NSDP, sector ministries and agencies develop sector plans and prioritized results based programs, and a sector MTEF. National Public Administration Reform Plan is in place. Governance Action Plan No 2 was approved by the Government in early 2006. CAR Work Plan is also in place. The CAR Secretariat has initiated the development of a medium term plan for public service reform to implement the NPAR.

148.  All sector plans and development programs/projects include an assessment of the existing capacity gaps and a capacity development plan to fill the gaps to achieve targeted development results. CARís Capacity Plan has been developed and is being implemented, with support from CIDA. Three development modules were delivered to CAR staff within the reporting period. A TA project is being developed to assist CAR in developing a capacity development policy for the Civil Service.

149. Concerned TWGs develop an implement an action plan to strengthen the technical and policy capacity of relevant institutions to carry out environmental analysis and to enforce legislation. This is a part of the CAR Capacity Plan.

150. Development partners provide financial support for the application of MBPI/PMG schemes as an element of capacity development strategy. This is envisaged by the Strategy on Phasing Out Of Salary Supplementation that is now being implemented. Active discussions are underway in the health sector.

Resource mobilization

151. The TWG reported that resources to support the JMIs have yet to be fully deployed. Consultations are needed on the resources required to support implementation of the civil service policy framework in 2007 and beyond.

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