TWG: Private Sector Development and Trade

TWG Action Plan

133. The TWG did not report on this matter.

Joint Monitoring Indicators

134. To strengthen Trade Facilitation: adopt and use a Single Administrative Document (SAD) under the Asycuda system. Under discussion.

135. Adopt and publish the inter-agency administrative agreements among all the relevant agencies on procedures and guidelines for the inspection and clearance of imported and exported goods. Under discussion.

136. Draft and adopt a sub-decree on trade facilitation through a risk management approach to inspections and clearance of imports and exports of goods, specifying the Customs and Excise Department (CED) as the lead agency for all types of inspections (documentary, physical, and electronic). Sub-Decree No. 21 dated 01 March 2006 was issued.

137. Prepare and adopt regulations (Prakas) clarifying registration procedures and documentary requirements, specifying procedures for amending Articles of Incorporation, clarifying the minimum requirements for Articles of Incorporation based on the Law on Commercial Enterprises, specifying requirements and procedures for annual declarations, and establishing procedures for decentralization of business registration. To be finalized soon.

138. Streamline and simplify all license requirements impacting SMEs. To be finalized soon.

139.Establish and make fully operational the "one-stop service" (OSS) in all Special Economic Zones (SEZs) consistent with the trade facilitation reforms to reduce both the time for, and cost of, trade clearance procedures, including the adoption of the SAD and the adoption of a risk management approach to inspections and clearance of goods. Under discussion.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

140. The TWG did not report on this matter.

Resource mobilization

141. The TWG did not report on this matter.

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