I.       Introduction

This report is prepared by the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board of the Council for Development of Cambodia (CRDB/CDC) for the twelfth meeting of the Government-Development Partner Coordination Committee (GDCC), held on 4 March 2008. Preparation and contents of this Report are informed by the questionnaires completed by Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and returned to CRDB/CDC as part of routine reporting between TWGs and CRDB/CDC in its role as the Secretariat of the GDCC. This Report will:

1- Synthesize progress reported by each TWG related to:

  1. The implementation of their Action Plans

  2. Progress in implementing agreed JMI activities

  3. Implementation of the H-A-R Action Plan; and

  4. Resource mobilization issues.

2- Provide updates to the recommendations raised in the previous report (progress report to the 11th GDCC meeting in October 2007), namely on:

  1. Increased support to TWG Secretariats

  2. Training in aid management and leadership

  3. Support to aid coordination through the Cambodia ODA Database

  4. Outreach and technical support from CRDB/CDC.

The Report has four sections. Following this Introduction (Section I), Section II synthesizes overall progress in the four areas and highlights important issues identified by TWGs. Section III presents details of activities led and carried out by CRDB/CDC as a follow-up to the recommendations presented at the last GDCC meeting in October 2007, focusing on supporting capacity development efforts of TWGs and providing support both technical and operational to TWG Secretariats to enable them to play the roles as identified in the Guidelines on the Role and Functioning of TWGs. The Annex (Section IV) contains detailed progress reported by each TWG.

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