The development of national capacity is a principal component of the Royal Government's Rectangular Strategy and is critical to the successful delivery of the NSDP targets. Development assistance that is provided in the form of technical cooperation (TC) is therefore intended to make a direct and significant contribution to the development of national capacity and to the delivery of the NSDP objectives.

In the context of its broader aid management policy, which advocates closer partnerships and more programmatic forms of aid based on NSDP priorities, the Government recently led an analytical exercise, in collaboration with its development partners, to develop a common understanding, and a concrete way forward, for improving all aspects involved in the provision, management and monitoring of technical cooperation.

To facilitate an increased understanding of technical cooperation provision and its impact in developing national capacity, a Study was prepared based on a Terms of Reference that was agreed with development partners. This exercise, which was led by CDC, in its role as the national aid coordination focal point, was undertaken by the Government-Development Partner Joint Technical Working Group on Partnership and Harmonisation (P&H TWG). After initial consultations were held, four sectors/themes provided the basis for further consideration: (i) public financial management; (ii) health; (iii) agriculture & water; and (iv) land. The Study will be followed up with further consultation and dialogue with the final output expected to be a new Government policy document, to be available in late-2008.

The Government of Cambodia is also pleased to support global research and policy dialogue on this topic and, in the build-up to the September 2008 High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra, has agreed to participate in a global exercise that will consider the effective use of technical cooperation. The two exercises will be managed as a single process in Cambodia and the national study will feed directly into the global exercise.

In addition to the draft Study and the Terms of Reference, the following documents have been identified as useful background material:

Key Cambodia Readings

Cambodia Aid Effectiveness Report, 2007, CRDB/CDC (especially pages i-iv, 20-23, 30, 41-45)  ( Download )

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 ( Download )

Evaluation of the Technical Assistance Provided by the International Monetary Fund, Volume II, Technical Assistance in Cambodia (especially section III), 2005  ( Download )

Guideline on the Role and Functioning of the TWGs, 2007, CRDB/CDC  ( Download )

Joint Government-Donor Strategy for Phasing Out Salary Supplementation Practices in Cambodia, January 2006, TWG-PAR  ( Download )

National Operational Guidelines, 2006, CRDB/CDC  ( Download )

National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP), 2006-2010, Government of Cambodia  ( Download )

Sector plans, strategies and major reform documents– to include health, agriculture & water, land, PFM

Strategic Framework for Development Cooperation Management, 2006, CRDB/CDC  ( Download )

Technical Assistance and Capacity Development in an Aid Dependent Economy: The Experience of Cambodia, Godfrey et al, 2002, World Development Vol 30  ( Download )

The GDCC and TWGs: A Review, 2006, CRDB/CDC  ( Download )

The Implementation of a Merit Based Pay Supplement Incentive, Sub-Decree 95 of 2005, Government of Cambodia
 ( Download )

Other Readings

A vision for the future of Technical Assistance in the International Development System, 2003, Oxford Policy Management  ( Download )

Between Naivety and Cynicism: A Pragmatic Approach to Donor Support for Public-Sector Capacity Development, 2004, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark  ( Download )

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Study on the Provision of Technical Assistance Personnel: What can we learn from promising experiences? 2007 (draft), ECPDM

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