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TWG Action Plan

83.   The TWG reported that the following sets of activities were planned to be implemented, and satisfactory progress has been reported on almost all activities.

Monitor Sector Performance

  1. Progress of Sector 2005-2006 MTR. MTR will be taken place from June 2006 to February 2007. TOR for overall MTR has been agreed as well as those for sub-components. The Midwifery review outcome is presented in September.

  2. Progress of AOP 2006’s implementation. JAPR 2006 was conducted in March 2006. Quarterly update is due.

  3. Budget Disbursement (JMI). Disbursement of first semester 2006 has been represented to TWG-H in July.

  4. Progress of Health Sector Support Project. Progress update of HSSP was conducted in April 2006; Semi-annual report will be completed by end of September; monthly update on MTR preparation process scheduled in October.

  5. Progress of National Program—Malaria & Dengue, National Immunization Program, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, TB, National Center for Health Promotion, and NRP.

  6. Principal Recipient for GFATM. Semi- Annual Report was completed in August.

  7. Regular inputs from Civil Society. NGO representative members of the TWGH and Secretariat are present in Health Partner meetings. NGOs are permanent members of TWGH and its Secretariat, unlike most other TWGs.

Sector Harmonization and Alignment

  1. Facilitate salary supplement phasing out and Performance Based Incentive Reform. Progress has been reported: (i) Tripartite Working Group MoH-CAR-HP established with 3 meetings held; meeting scheduled to be intensified during September and October 2006; (ii) 2 day joint field visit to “contracting” ODs; and one day to PMG Kp. Trach OD; (iii) MOH HLWG has met regularly; and (iv) HPs and MOH have discussed MBPI proposals.

  2. SWiM development toward SWAp. SWiM review will be carried out as part of MTR; selection of consultant is in progress.

  3. Refine role, structure and function of Pro-TWGH. Role, structure, and function of Pro-TWGH has been established, regular quarterly progress reports have been obtained.

  4. Refine role, structure and functions of Sub-TWGH. Sub-Cocoms Assessment was carried out followed by identification of 8 Sub-TWGHs. These have now submitted revised TORs and membership lists, several have met, and annual work plans are under development.

  5. Strengthen capacity building of TWGHS. One new staff was nominated for TWGHS.

Key Strategic Issues

  1. Health Service Delivery Contracting Follow up.

  2. Consumer and Provider rights.

  3. Review linkages of Child Survival, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS.

  4. Health Financing—User-fees and access.

  5. Budget Disbursement—Linking planning, allocation, budgeting and budget execution including follow up work on PETS.

  6. Human Resources.

  7. Preparedness planning for pandemic influenza.

Joint Monitoring Indicators

84.   Further develop the Public Administration to serve people better and to become an effective development partners. Institutional Development Plan is being developed as an input to the MTR of the health sector strategy. Merit Based Payment Initiatives design is being developed and discussed by MoH, CAR and health partners. Preparatory activities to formulate draft joint Government-Donor action plan for phasing out of salary supplements.

85.    Increase the proportion of deliveries attended by skilled health personnel. Though there has been an increase, the proportion of deliveries attended by skilled health professionals is still low. In 2000, 31.8% of deliveries were attended by trained health professionals (CDHS 2000); in 2006, 43.8% of deliveries were attended by trained health professionals (CDHS Preliminary Report 2006).

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan


86.   Capacity development. Institutional Development Plan (including organisational development needs) is under preparation and will be finalised following the MTR of the sector strategy in 2007. Functional analysis has been carried out in the central ministry followed by introduction of Performance Management System , and the implementation of Performance Management System at central level.


87.   Delegated cooperation is being addressed in the TWGH workplan for 2006 & JAPR; 8 Sub-TWGH identified; Pro-TWGHs in the process of establishing secretariat and revising membership.

88.    Missions and analytic work: Sectoral Joint Annual Performance Review provides guidelines for consolidated annual planning process for all health partners. Joint Review Mission from MoH and HSSP partners was conducted in May/June 2006; and HSSP MTR will serve as an input to sector review scheduled for September 2006. Subcomponent reviews are also underway in midwifery, contracting, and sector-wide management are jointly agreed with government and health partners. Managing for results

89.    SOP. The HSSP is implementing the SOP.

Resource mobilization

90.     The TWG reported it has been able to mobilize resource for the implementation of the TWG Action Plan.

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