TWG Action Plan

91.   The TWG reported that the following four activities were scheduled to be carried out, and satisfactory progress has been reported on only one activity:

  1. Resource tracking/projected.

  2. Donor harmonization and alignmentóbehind schedule, but is expected to be completed by September.

  3. Quality assurance and scale/resource of program (through effective M&E)óbehind schedule.

  4. Support policy development (status was not reported).

92.   The TWG also reported that the TORs of the TWG has been updated to better reflect key focus areas and the membership has been also reviewed and reduced to 23 members. A secretariat for the TWG has been established to provide technical/programmatic and administrative support to the TWG and to support the development, implementation and monitoring of the TWG workplan. Additional support staff will be contracted. Joint Monitoring Indicators

93.  NSDP monitored annually. National Strategic plan for a Comprehensive & Multi-sectoral Response to HIV/AIDS 2006-2010 (NSPII) has been officially launched in February 2006 an widely disseminated. The NSP II priorities are in line with the HIV/AIDS program priorities identified in the NSDP. Key indicators for measuring progress have been identified and will be reviewed annually.

94.    Increasing coverage of effective drug & HIV/AIDS prevention, comprehensive scare and support, and effective mitigations interventions. OVC task force established by MOSVY in collaboration with NAA will develop framework and action plan to address needs of orphans and vulnerable children. The Cambodia Continuum of care program has been further expanded: VCCT centers from 134 in Q3 of 2006; Comprehensive care and support is now provided in 34 centers and pediatric AIDS care in 12; number of PLWHA on ART treatment has been increased 16000 in Q3 2006. Cambodia has been successful in obtaining funds from the GFATM round 5 to further expand prevention, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and for impact mitigation efforts. The activities GFATM around 5 now have been finalized and launched.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

95.   National Strategic Development Plan targets are achieved. National Strategic Plan for a comprehensive & multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS 2006-2010 develop and disseminated.

96.   Development partners base their support on NSDP priorities and PIP. Cambodia has been successful in obtaining fund from GFATM round 5 and has been developing proposals for GFATM round 6. Development partners and Government worked collaboratively to develop the proposals. Additional information/clarification has been provided in response to request from GFATM in Geneva.

Resource mobilization

97.    The TWG reported it has been able to mobilize resources for the implementation of the TWG Action Plan.

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