TWG: Planning and Poverty Reduction

TWG Action Plan

128. The TWG planned to implement 7 activities, and reported satisfactory progress on all activities.

  1. Approval and adoption of NSDP, 2006-10 by COM, NA and Senate and final approval by HM King; NSDP formally launched by PM.

  2. Constitution of high level RGC steering committee to guide and oversee NSDP implementation.

  3. Forming a core group of TWG PPR.

  4. Holding regular TWG PPR core group meetings.

  5. Preparation and approval of NSDP Monitoring Framework.

  6. Letter sent to all ministries and agencies for faithfully implementing various provisions of NSDP.

  7. PIP, 2007-09 preparations commenced and concluded.

129. The TWG requested GDCC to once again remind all ministries and agencies as well as development partners about the need to: (i) adhere to the NSDP priorities; (ii) align all external assistance to PIP priorities; and (iii) provide full data on disbursements for the previous year by 30 June of the following year.

Joint Monitoring Indicators

130. NSDP Monitoring Framework. It has been prepared and approved in July 2006.

Implementation status of the H-A-R Action Plan

131. The TWG did not report on this matter.

Resource mobilization

132. The TWG did not report on this matter.

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